Episode 01 – The Snow

Episode 01 – The Snow

Episode 1 – The Snow

The scent of snow wafts on the wind blowing down from the north. As I walk I catch sight of the first flake, then the second and suddenly, I am caught up in a whirl of white. In the dark of the night.

The early morning is crisp, immobile, as if frozen, awaiting the sun that will light up the valley. I get ready without making a sound, so as not to break the spell. It is cold out. Yet the pure air invades my lungs and my energy surges. A few minutes later and I have my skis on. The slope is as smooth as silk, just right for gliding down towards the valley, curve after curve.

Later, I stroll through the woods to the soundtrack of my snowshoes sinking into the white mantle, as the lacy ice filaments on the trees sparkle in the moonlight.

Follow me. I will lead you to a magic place where you can experience these emotions…and all the others. Simply together.


Grand Hotel Della Posta

23-24-25 April 2016