Episode 02 – Harmony

Episode 02 – Harmony

Episode 2 – Harmony

A day all for myself. A priceless gift, which kicks off with a slow wake-up, to give a more natural pace to the day, leaving tensions behind. I reward myself with a stroll along the river, listening to my body, soothed by the sound of the water. I quicken my steps, feeling my heartbeat, feeling an overall upbeat rhythm. While my mind runs free in all that wide open landscape, between land and sky.

Later, I soothe my muscles in the scented warmth of the spa, in the steam of the hammam and in the colours of the sensory shower, before yielding myself up to the expert hands of the therapist. Slow movements, almost a dance of hands on my body. I am fully relaxed and my mind soars in a suspended world.

Follow me. I will lead you to a magic place where you can experience these emotions…and all the others. Simply together.


Grand Hotel Della Posta

23-24-25 April 2016