Episode 03 – The Lightness

Episode 03 – The Lightness

Episode 3 – The Lightness

I have decided to pamper myself, not with chocolate or a massage, but with the light-heartedness of an afternoon of shopping. I stroll without a care in the world along the pedestrian streets, enchanted by the shop windows. The doors open and I find myself in a muted, enveloping atmosphere. I want to explore, touch, try on, dare a bit.

Following my inclination I lose myself in designer corners, feel the softness of the textiles, try on dresses, tops, jackets. Eyes peeled for that special outfit. Then along comes the personal shopper and, as if by magic, pieces that I would never have noticed appear before me. I am hesitant, yet in the end the mirror reflects the image of a different person.
I leave with a bag brimming with my precious purchases. I raise my eyes and there are the mountains. Happiness.

Follow me. I will lead you to a magic place where you can experience these emotions…and all the others. Simply together.


Grand Hotel Della Posta

23-24-25 Aprile 2016