Episode 05 – The Nature

Episode 05 – The Nature

Episode 5 – The Nature

It is the chirping of the birds that makes me open my eyes. I open the windows and breathe in the morning air. It is crisp and smells good, of dewey grass…of freshly baked bread. I raise my arms to salute the sun, in the peacefulness of the valley. I breathe and begin a life and energy ritual.

Then I find myself in the wood, accompanied by the scent of moss, as I listen to the sound of my footsteps and the water in the stream, the cows’ bells, the whistling of a marmot. My eyes take in the infinite shades of green. Stretched out in the meadow with its carpet of flowers, my gaze follows the clouds scudding across the bright blue sky. I clip on my wings and soar with them.

Follow me. I will lead you to a magic place where you can experience these emotions…and all the others. Simply together.


Grand Hotel Della Posta

23-24-25 April 2016