Episode 06 – The Party

Episode 06 – The Party

Episode 6 – The Party

Don’t think I’ve forgotten anything. Jeans and sneakers for Happy Hour drinks on Saturday. The little black dress, Jimmy Choos and Padlock Blooms by Gucci, for cocktails and refined dining on Sunday. My favourite perfume and a light jacket. A pashmina for the evening.

A ring at the door. Time to go. A last glance in the mirror and then we’re in the car, driving along the lakeside, the alternating light and dark of the short tunnels, then the terraced landscape in the shade of the mountains. We arrive and everything is perfect, almost in slow motion: the welcome, the room, an atmosphere of expectation.

Then it all speeds up like in a film: finger food and fashion show, a theatre performance and Michelin-star chef’s moreish dishes, lunch with the art critic and tea tasting with jazz playing in the background. Time flies. Already time to go home. Leaving a piece of my heart behind.

Follow me. I will lead you to a magic place where you can experience vivid emotions. Three days getting to know each other, telling our stories, making discoveries, and having fun. Simply together.


Grand Hotel Della Posta

23-24-25 April 2016